At present, we are experiencing shipment delays.

We are experiencing delays in our Sydney warehouse due to high order volumes and decreased courier pickups over the holiday season. If your carpet is in stock, your order will take longer than average to ship out - usually between 7-10 days (or slightly longer for regional areas in NSW and other states farther from NSW).


How can I directly contact you?

We are online and here to help daily. Drop us a live chat (and talk to real people!) through the Chat Box on the bottom right of your screen for the quickest response. All-day, and much of the night too, we are here! Alternatively, you can contact us at or call us at 1300 29 50 68, whichever is easier. Digital is our DNA and the easiest way to contact us is to email and chat - but rest assured, we will call you if we need to.


Where are you located?

Rugs Aura is proudly Australian with a tight-knit family-oriented team located down under to cater to the needs of our best Aussie customers! Our fulfilment centre is in Sydney, Australia. Unfortunately, we do not have a local pick-up option because we are a 100% online company.


FAQs for Shipping

  • Australia wide free shipping, check our Shipping & Returns page
  • Estimated shipping times are available depending on your current location, check our Shipping & Returns page
  • Express delivery is not available currently.
  • Delivery is handled by a 3rd party courier company, so we are unable to provide exact times or delivery days.
  • The courier company delivers every working day (Monday-Friday) within business hours only.
  • All our rugs are considered special freight handling standards and thus fall under the shipping timeframes as seen on the tracking website of the courier.
  • The couriers can leave you a card that allows you to rearrange delivery directly with them if you happen not to be present at home to take delivery of your rug.
  • We have little control over the couriers, but we always do what we can to help deliver your stunning rug, you will just have to be patient with us while we help you!


When will my order be shipped?

On each product page, there is an approximate dispatch time frame.  We will give you a confirmation email with the tracking information when your order is dispatched. If you are unable to locate this email, please search your spam files. If your order has been delivered, we are not able to edit shipping addresses or cancel your order.


Why the long-time of dispatch on certain rugs?

We have faced increased pressure on our supply chain due to the on-going Covid-19 secure standard procedural policies that our employees are expected to strictly follow, resulting in prolonged lead times.  We are busy working with our professional suppliers to find a solution and reduce this delay, but in the meantime, we appreciate your patience.


Where is my rug? 

You will get a confirmation email from us once you have put your order. It will be delivered within 5-7 business days if your order is in stock (or slightly longer for regional areas in NSW and other states further away from NSW). You will get another email with your courier tracking information when your order is on its way. Keep updated with their tracking information to closely follow the direction of your order. In your inbox, keep an eye out for these e-mails (and junk folder too).


Why does my tracking number not work?

It can take a while for your tracking number to be loaded into the system until allocated. Please allow 48 hours for updated tracking details.


My order is 'Out for Delivery,' but have not arrived. What happened to my rug then?

We apologize to hear of such inconvenience! Out for Delivery' status indicates that your rug is onboard for delivery with the driver. Worst-case scenario, everything from traffic to the weather, to hard-to-reach deliveries etc. will affect the driver's runs. Regrettably so, the hours in a day are not enough and in one day they sometimes do not get through the whole run. The rug will return to the warehouse and the shipment is most likely to be done on the next working day. If that is not the case, please let us know so that we can follow up.


Can my order be cancelled or amended?

It is immediately sent to our fulfilment centre for processing and shipping preparation when an order is made. Unfortunately, this means that once an order is placed, we cannot modify or change it. We will do our best to satisfy your request if you contact our customer support specialists via the chatbot below! And remember, we are only a phone call away, so please do not hesitate to give us a ring if you have any concerns or urgency regarding the current situation of your order 😊.

How does your guarantee work?

Our Try it At Home returns service is built to buy and try one rug at a time for customers. Before taking off the tags, we picture you placing your rug at home the same way you might try a new dress - treating it gently and with care! If you roll the rug out and it is not right, you must roll it straight back up again and contact us to arrange a refund. If it has been used or washed, we will not consider a rug for return. Only return the item (undamaged, unused and in its original condition) if you do not think it is quite right for you, and we will have a full refund. We will pay for return delivery too! About pick-up and delivery, we will make the appropriate arrangements and you will obtain a refund with our 14-day return policy on your order. The 14 days begin when you pick up your carpet at home!

But 14 days is such a short time! Can you extend it to lets say 30 days or more?

We understand how it feels to have to purchase something that takes up nearly a fifth of your monthly income and know you only have half a month to get your full refund back in black in your bank. But here is the thing, we can only align these values based on our suppliers' as we do not have any control in extending it for more.

But here is another thing that will ease your mind a little. What if, we kept emailing you daily for the first 7 days right after delivery to carefully ingrain you with tips and tricks to care for your rug from A to Z while getting the assurance from you that you are satisfied with your rug? and the next 7 days grace of emails will be timed all through to the 14th day and ask us anything like any possible issues with your new rug and we will respond them accordingly as promptly as possible and on the 12th email of the 12th day of these 14 day guarantee assurance period, we want your conclusion of the rug you bought from us. Yay or Nay? so that you at least have a 2-day cushion and help you arrange the rug to ship back to our warehouse beforehand in exchange for your money back.      

If I do not like it, may I return my rug?

Yes, if you do not like it, you can return your rug within 14 days. For terms & information, refer to our Shipping & Returns. Using the same payment system, you used to process your order, we will always refund you. However, we do not accept exchanges.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We are open to the following options: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, PayPal, PayPal eCheck, and Shoppay. Please keep in mind that if you would like to pay with PayPal eCheck, your order will be put on hold until the funds have cleared to our account.

Why do you not have Afterpay and/or ZipPay?

We apologise and we are currently working on establishing either one or both of these payments since we care about our customers' preferences and most importantly includes transactional purpose that might require a huge amount of investment to be made.


How do I choose the right size for my rug?

Compared to most other rug stores out there with a multitude of sizes to choose from, we have streamlined each of our rugs down to just two sizes i.e., large 320x230cm & extra-large 400x300cm or either one of them depending on its availability from our partner suppliers. Why? because deciding on a particular rug size is no easy feat which in turn takes a lot of your time away. Furthermore, you will also need to take into consideration the size of your room and your selected layouts. Hence, we always say to go for a larger size if you think your room is between sizes or are not quite certain - it always looks more spacious! or as we always like to say, the larger the better!

Why do you have only a few rugs in your catalogue?

Let me ask you this. Would you rather spend your time searching for a rug and still doing so after a week or two? or enjoy a glass of wine for two or maybe catch some Netflix with your family in the living room while your foot is being comfortably taken care of by the rug that we helped you choose and sold it to you a couple of days ago?

Notice the difference there? you did not have to invest so much of your time off with a long arduous decision making process and then buying it off from us. Instead, we are working for you in helping you select a rug with minimal steps of choices to make and sell it off to you instead!


...But what if none of them are the ones that I need?

Then fret not, because whatever your wish is our command. From materials to colours to patterns and even the style of your home be it Hamptons or French or Bohemian etc. We are always one live chat line or email away and we will do everything we possibly can to get you the best rug based from all your listed preferences.

Here's the bottom line, we can only grow as far as we possibly can by further extended our product lines from you, the customer, our heros! Yes, you heard that right! This store is successfully not run by us, but by you! the hero out there because each and everyone of you who buys a rug is like buying a stake at this store and hence, you are the ones in-charge while we take a step back as that Yoda or the mentor to help you lead the way!


Is a rug pad necessary for me?

We always recommend buying your rug with a non-slip rug pad. It avoids any sliding or buckling and prevents the underside from dirtying, which increases your rug's life. It also offers a little added layer for the rug that can make it feel softer and more comfortable underfoot. We recommend buying the nearest to your rug's measurements when selecting the size for your rug pad, just a little below e.g. 310x210 for 320x230cm rug and 370x230 for 400x300cm rug. Please note that all rug pad sales are final and cannot be exchanged or refunded.


What is upcycled?

Upcycling refers to the reuse or transformation process, for better environmental value, of otherwise leftover or discarded content into something new. In our case, upcycled sari silk refers to leftover sari yarn obtained in the South of India from sari weavers. This is leftover or discarded yarn from weaving saris, which is the most common Indian national dress and an emblem of Indian culture.

Do rugs made from wool materials cause shedding?

Wool rugs are natural woollen fibre elements, so yes, they do shed, however, it is not considered a flaw. After settling in time, shedding is not normally an issue, depending on usage. 1-2 times a week frequent vacuuming during this phase, should benefit. This will help keep your rug new and clean and avoid the entry of dirt into the pile. It is essential to make sure you never use a powerhead and only gently vacuum it so that the wool fibres do not split. In addition to this, here at Rugs Aura, we take an extremely high interest in our customer and would love every minute of your time to provide you value as much as we possibly can about our rugs. So, click here for more information about taking good care for your wool rugs.

Why don't you sell synthetic rugs?

Here ar Rugs Aura, we believe in nurturing you instead of screaming "buy, buy, buy" or "here's some clearace offer we've got for you before they are gone" etc. And what we mean by that is the need to emphasise a more sustainable method to buy rugs that are not made from anything that is mass produced with toxic chemcials involved. Ask yourselves these, are you willing to buy materials that can never be recycled and composted once it reaches the end of its lifespan? would you risk getting one of your kids to have an allergic reaction or worse still rashes from those chemically produced rugs?

Synthetic rugs are aplenty as you can find in almost every homeware brick & mortar and online stores you go to. Yes, they have great colourful designs, budget-friendly compared with handmade rugs and quick to produce with an abundance in stocks waiting for you to get them. But is it worth buying them in the first place when they are doing nothing to save the planet but use up more carbon footprint? That is why we only source the best sustainable rugs of natural origins from Wool to cotton and P.E.T. materials of recycled bottles and upcycled remains.

When will I receive my Welcome email?

Our Welcome Email should be sent to you immediately, but sometimes the email may be kept by your email provider. It can take up to an hour to obtain, in some instances. The email can be flagged, so please do not forget to search your spam/junk folder as well.


What should I do if my rug turns out damaged right after being delivered?

We apologise for this unforeseen situation and rectify it as soon as possible. Please contact our Customer Service Team - Live Chat is the quickest choice, and not to mention that you are just a phone call away from us, so give us a ring either way. To help us provide you with a swift resolution, make sure you have your order number, email address, and a couple of clear images of the rug.


How can get I to know more about you?

We love the fact that you want to learn more about Rugs Aura! We have plenty to share!

  • You can find out more on ABOUT US page if you would like to know about how Rugs Aura started, and our goal for the business moving towards the future.
  • You can check our interactive profile here: Instagram page, for inspiration and ideas for decorating your home, as well as stories and background on the business.
  • Or use the Live Chat icon at the bottom right of your screen if you have a particular question or would like to speak to us directly, simply call us at 1300 29 50 68 to get in touch!
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