So you might be thinking what ‘Aura’ in Rugs Aura means.. so let’s not beat around the bush and break it down for you 😊

A – Attentive in

U – Understanding (What she wants, what she desire to achieve with her new beau and what she can do to maximize and what it means to marry Mr. Vasby or Jutland into her lovely home together with her lovely interiors)

R – Relationships (She matter to us dearly because we care and we will do anything and go beyond means and ways and lengths to help solve their pain points, issues, doubts)

A – Always (anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Whenever, wherever , however. We will be there at your behest, your wish is our command, we work for you and we will do anything to make and give you the best of the best we can because we can and its all because of you, the customer!)


We are a small communal Aussie owned family business that strives to deliver a simplistic, and seamless journey for Charlotte, Olivia, Amelia etc. who is in pursuit of her ideal rug. Yes you! That one beautiful lady out there who wants to impress your boyfriend, hubby, or even your kids and pets! We pride ourselves in providing you the ‘BEST’ rug here.

We are rugs enthusiasts who have a deep love for all things sustainable and ethically made. We have spent the past decade travelling around the world, from exploring a variety of rugs at busy side street marketplaces in Iran to learning how it is being made by skilled artisans at secluded village factories in Haryana back home full circle to partnering with some of the most reliable Australian distributors of selectively imported overseas rug.

We are different to almost all other carpet dealers and retailers, why? Simply because we are one of a kind streamlining and narrowing it down to the finest, most relevant and easy to pick and choose ‘in a matter of second’ with minimalistic tendencies…

Because ‘less is MORE’… MORE is BIG and BIG is Best!. That’s right!

We offer only the biggest rug sizes from large to extra-large for our lovely customers with open-plan homes for instance, to break up the expanse and maximise your specific desired choice of area be it the living room, longue, dining hall or even in your bedrooms too. Not too thick and not too thin of a pile, and just the right choice of rug to keep your feet as warm as possible in the coldest of winter evenings and cooler in the warmest of lazy summer afternoons.

We are exclusively an online retailer, not having a physical location allows us to pass on amazing savings to you and access to the same rugs online that are available in the major retailers. In addition to that, Rugs Aura has successfully found a gap in the market, and we aim to become Australia's premier online Retailer of sustainable and ethically made rugs with lesser choices and quicker decisions with ZERO regrets!

If you have any questions regarding our products, services or policies please contact us, we are more than happy to answer any of your questions and have a chat!

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