19 Ways You Can Do to Get More Use Out of Your Old Rug

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It would be a shame to toss your used rugs out to the waste bin instead of turning it into something creatively different in a world of infinite repurposing options. For instance, there is something you will need to do about your old rug one way or another in replacing a new one that you just bought. So, what do you do about it then?

You could either wait for the arrival of your new rugs while doing nothing or worse still adding more waste to the already polluted landfill from disposing of your old rugs, or you could spend some time to roll up your sleeves and try some fun ideas! Hence, we have carefully compiled some chic ideas along with suggestions to allow more use of an old rug for many different purposes so that you do not create needless waste.

  • Repurpose Them into Your Furnishing
  1. The Great Outdoors

Consider using old rugs outside when decorating your outdoor room. This styling tip of placing your rugs in the open air immediately elevates your outdoor space. It offers more convenience in outdoor seating and lounge areas by the back door on a backyard or poolside area, including outdoor sofas and patio sets. You can also put an old rug in a treehouse to provide more warmth and even some additional isolation. To fit your rug, be sure to add pillows and pouffes that not only creates a wholesome environment but completes that miniature space of perfectly organised décor to your delight that will make it seem bigger, especially implementing it with a round rug.

  1. Redesign Your Chair

You could transform your living area by reupholstering old rugs on your dining room chairs to fit your new rug under the dining table. Whether you have a neutral rug or a rug with only one colour or more, only things matters are as long as the design from your old rug is up to your preferences if you have more than one to choose from an eclectic viewpoint. If you do not create any waste on the landfill in disposing of your used-up rugs.

  1. Bring Some Colours into Your Headboard

Do you wish you had a more aesthetically pleasing looking headboard? Tired of staring down on your boring looking worn out monochrome headboard in your bedroom after a long day before retiring back to bed? Then waste no time in applying your old rug to your headboard for a complete makeover. You can DIY by using metal studs to make the headboard look more upscale and reinforce the rug at the same time for more added protection. You can buy a cheap headboard if you do not have one or you can hang the rug right behind your bed as another artistic alternative. Just attach it on top on the wall where the edge of your bed it closely adjacent to.

  1. Make A Wall Declaration

In the Medieval times, people were hanging rugs for more insulation on the walls, and just so continues to happen to be a common trend in decor today. The same can also be done by lining and insulation for your shed at work for instance. Simply line your shed walls or use it as a sound studio to eliminate noise coming out to neighbours. At home where you have a little more space, consider framing the rug by hanging it from a rod or securing it with a sturdy Velcro or foam-core mount to prevent it from sagging. By filling in the void on an empty wall with beautiful patterns and a variety of colours from your rug’s presence, it also set up a royal statement with a traditional hanging rug in your entrance. Additionally, by hanging a rug in your guest room, it exuberates a warm and vibrant ambience to make it cosier and more welcoming.

  • Consider Cutting Out into Suitable Pieces for Larger Rug Sizes
  1. Keep Your Auto’s Back Clean

Have you ever wondered, how it feels to have accumulated so much dirt at the back of your vehicle’s boot without even realizing it for a long time? You will be amazed at the amount of difference after lining your car's boot with your old rugs to trap the dirt and does the cleaning for you. It will also prevent the boot from getting scratched. Moreover, you don't have to worry the next time you place wet towels and dirty shoes in the car since you can pull the rug out and shake leaves and dirt off whenever you need it. If you lost your floor weather mats for your vehicle, you may also be able to cut out a portion of your old rugs into your Ute, car, or truck to use as floor mats. You can also use some of the old rug materials during the cold rainy or wintry season to hold your feet under while you are on the move. You could even consider using your old rug as your floor cover or for the annex if you have a caravan. If you do not have a caravan, find someone who has it!

  1. Safety First

To secure your equipment from falling and breaking, implementing a workshop floor mat is essential. You can simply do this by cutting your old rug into mats and place it on workbenches and under your feet. Even the soft surface of an old rug to cover the surface of your workbench or garden bench protects the layer below from damage to the nail and any other mishaps to avoid rolling away tools or other hardware. Not only does it prevent your tools from malfunctioning, but it also gives your feet some cushion when you work. Since your work area is typically stationed inside your shed, you can place large size old rugs on your shed’s concrete floor so that your feet will not get so cold in winter.

  1. Customized to Personalisation

If you have a favourite sports team, turn your old rugs into an enjoyable bar cloth or beer mat with your team’s logo on it! You can do this by cutting the beer mat into a logo shape, or simply make it into squares or circles from your old rugs. This is an easy, highly functional DIY idea too! You can also do this even for your mousepad, by cutting a small square with it and sew or stitch on tassels or fringe for an office look and feel to it.

  1. Tidy Up Your Mini Garden

For planting and landscaping purposes, your old rugs can be reused as a soil cover/mulch (try your local community garden or school) or a weed mat in your veggie garden and a path. If your houseplants are in pots or baskets, you never know when to water them too much unintentionally and cause water to spill onto the floor. Protection of the floor under any plant is always a good idea. Cut out shapes to fit directly under the pots in your home from your old rugs. Same goes for the underlay.

  1. Organize your Closet

It is amazing how your old rug can do wonders with possibly anything around you from your creative self, including lining your closets to protect the floors to keep your wardrobes tidy and track dirt easily. This is especially useful for wardrobes which are home to shoes that still track in dirt and dust. This trick is also useful for closets with cleaning products and outdoor items, such as gardening tools.

  1. Turn it into a Foot Spa

Be resourceful, think creatively and do the DIY as you unravel simple hacks from your old rug, as it turns into your brand-new bathmat without needing to spend much. Get crafty with your glue gun and find some beautiful stones to stick onto your old rug that will massage your feet and turn your bath into a spa day, any day at any time of the year, in the comfort of your own space.

  1. Build A Playhouse for Kids

If you have children and want to upcycle an old rug, you can line and insulate a cubby house for them. What a novel way to dive into an old rug as you can also turn it into a children's room-size puzzle too! First, you can always cut the rug, and then paint a new colour or use a solid marker to draw the pieces of the puzzle by yourself, or with stencils for each piece of the puzzle. Enjoyable opportunities are infinite! To make it more appealing for your little ones try painting things, animals, or numbers on each piece of that puzzle in your rug.

  1. Old Rug à New Doormat

Save one rectangle from your old rug and cut it into the perfect size as a welcome doormat to use Infront of your house. Use a stencil to write a welcome sentence, like hello, on your mat. That big indoor-outdoor rug that you are growing tired of will be ideal for this, but any rug will do.

  • Turn Them into Cat Scratchers or Use Them for Insulation Etc. (For Animal Lovers)
  1. Comfortably Decorated Kennel for Your Dog

We always believe your pet dog deserves the best, so why not make its kennel cosier for them too? Using your discarded rug to line up your dog's kennel bottom and exterior, cover the surface for a softer room, or apply the rug for insulation and warmth on the doghouse walls. Cut your old rug into bits and use it as a cover for dog beds if you want to offer the absolute best to your furry companion for a refreshed look and feel. This transforms every dingy dog bed, but most importantly, this rug will also make your dog extra fluffy. Moreover, your old rugs will make your dog's kennel a perfect renovation, and your precious pet will live in comfort.

  1. Sort Your Feline’s Mess with A Mat

We cannot ignore the cats! Litter boxes can be very messy. You do not want your whole house to have litter tracked, and you certainly do not want to ruin the floor underneath the litter box. Hence, using an old rug to keep the floor clean and secure comes in handy, and helps to collect litter before entering the house further.

  1. Below Pet Bowls

Cut your old rug to put under the food and water bowls of your pets to keep the floors clean and avoid spilled water and food onto the floor.

If you've pets, all these ideas for cats and dogs will cover your old rug up-cycling needs.

Or you can donate them to animal shelters.

  • Donate, Recycle, Resell
  1. Donate Your Rugs to Charity

To recycle your used rug, find a local non-profit, ministry, or animal shelter. Charity op shops can be given rugs that are in fine, functional condition, and they will also be accepted by homeless shelters, and animal shelters are still searching for things to line the bottom of cages. Put good use of your old rug and help someone (or an animal) out.

  1. Recycle Your Rug (Do not Dispose of It!)

Mainly bottles, plastics, paper, garden garbage, wood, rubber tyres, etc. are the most frequently recycled items. But there are fewer options for recycling when it comes to old rugs. Every year, 5 billion pounds of old rugs and carpets are expected to go to landfills and take up about 2 per cent of the overall solid waste in landfills. No matter what you do, do not throw your used rugs in the garbage instead of recycling it depends on their age, composition, and condition. Find a recycling centre if your rug is not in a decent enough shape to send to anyone else.

  1. Freecycle

By other networks of reuse or freecycling, donate your old rugs to any of your family members or friends.

This will hopefully give you some views about how to recycle your old carpet instead of immediately sending it to the landfill.

Fortunately, if your rugs are still in particularly good condition, it is always a great idea to gain some extra cash from selling your rugs.

  1. Advertise Your Rug for Sale

If your carpet is in good shape you can sell it privately or to a recycling company. There are companies in most big Australian cities buying a high product, using carpet, washing it up and reselling it. If you want to get some money out of your rugs, you can still sell a garage of your old rugs, using classified ads such as Gumtree or bidding sites like eBay as great choices to advertise online. Always make sure to first clean them thoroughly before selling them.

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