used rug by ketut subiyanto
19 Ways You Can Do to Get More Use Out of Your Old Rug

It would be a shame to toss your used rugs out to the waste bin instead of turning it into something creatively different in a world of infinite repurposing options. For instance, there is something you will need to do about your old rug one way or another in replacing a ne...

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processing fabric by karolina grabowska
7 Types of Rug Materials Explained

Rugs bind us to our surroundings. They not only complete your room but also shape the way you feel inside it. However, you may also want to know how important it is to take care of your rug before purchasing one. Those fabrics that your rugs are made from are a widely misun...

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Carpet Detail, Very Shallow Depth of Field by Cenk Unver
5 Things You Need to Know How to Layer Your Rugs

Let us be real here, we have always envied perfectly taken shots of layered rugs featured on in yearly home décor catalogues. Those fancy photographic imageries that we failed to try and model it in our personal living spaces. The idea of rug layering displays your rug’s un...

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rug pad below rug
5 Reasons Why You Need A Rug Pad

So, you have purchased your new rug. And voila! You finally solved the missing piece of the puzzle to complete your home décor inspirations...

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photo of an upcycled rug by jean-philippe delberghe on unsplash
5 Reasons Why You Should Upcycle

Everyone has come across the meaning of recycling, but what ...

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